You've got questions and we've got answers.

1. What is WE San Francisco?

We’re a community-led movement to solve San Francisco’s most challenging problems with collective will and coordinated action.  We’re reversing San Francisco’s downward trajectory on issues like public safety, property crime, homelessness, and inefficient city government.  Because WE believe that the same approaches that got us in this mess won’t get us out of it, we’re working to bring fresh ideas, fresh energy, fresh volunteers, and fresh leaders into city government — plus using our data and research capabilities to help guide existing officials and government departments.  We’re 500+ people at the moment and we’re doubling in size every few weeks.

2. What are the desired outcomes of WE San Francisco?

WE want 8,000+ active volunteers (about 1% of San Francisco’s population) to reshape the future of San Francisco.  That number isn’t an accident:  Research shows that if 1% of any population becomes committed to an idea, that idea will spread through the entire population.  To do this, WE want to make it easier for concerned San Franciscans who would normally sit on the sidelines to get involved at every level of civic engagement.  This includes identifying new leaders from outside the current political system and giving them a clear path to contribute to the city.  More specifically, all of these efforts are driving toward sweeping the 2024 candidate and policy elections with a clear mandate for change.

3. What are the primary activities of WE San Francisco?

We have four main initiatives.  The first and most important initiative is to conduct our own city-wide census — to determine in an in-depth way what San Franciscans really want.  We’re also developing our own integrated public safety plan, city budget, and reimagined public works and rapid incident response program.  We firmly believe that we shouldn’t wait around for current city officials to find solutions.  In addition to these policy and legislative initiatives, we also produce a civic engagement podcast, host weekly social and community events, and create campaigns to shift public awareness and perception of key issues affecting our city.

4. How are you different than other groups (such as TogetherSF or GrowSF)?

There are many aligned organizations doing great work in San Francisco.  Our role is not to duplicate those efforts but rather to align them in one unified viral movement that attracts new volunteers and leaders from outside the current political process at an unprecedented pace.  A silent majority exists in San Francisco that is angry and frustrated with the status quo and our movement provides a vehicle to speak with one voice, nurture thousands of new volunteers, and demand change.

5. Will anyone affiliated with WE fill positions in city government or run for public office?

We hope so.  San Francisco is the world’s most innovative city but our government doesn’t necessarily reflect that.  We need leaders with more diverse backgrounds — those who aren’t necessarily career politicians or those who lobbied politicians.  Currently, a lot of great potential candidates or city officials shy away from the role because it’s a lot to ask for someone to give up their current career, face political attacks, and take a likely pay cut — even if they are passionate about helping the city.  We want to make it easier to give back to the city because vast human capital goes untapped and now is a generational opportunity to improve the city we love.

6. Will WE ever become a campaign for a specific candidate, ballot measure, or party?

No.  Because WE is being structured as a non-profit, WE can’t ever become a campaign.  The political arm of WEwill evolve at a later date will support aligned candidates — with a special focus on those who have never held elected office before — but those candidates will need their own organization and infrastructure that is distinct from WE.

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