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Let's bring San Francisco together with events that are fun and bring about civic action and engagement.
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Happy Hours

Our signature happy hour events bring together hundreds of San Franciscans who want good community, good times, and plenty of laughs.

We select a different location each month that supports a local business owner, and it's the perfect occasion to reunite with old friends and make new connections.


Make connections while doing something active and interesting. From regular meetups where running enthusiasts explore San Francisco neighborhoods and districts together, to special events like salsa dancing lessons in Golden Gate park, WE come together to have fun activities that explore our great city.

WE LEARN Presentations

It's fun to expand our horizons with other like-minded San Franciscans and also others who may have a different point of view. From panel discussions on issues facing San Francisco to how-to sessions on topics like personal finance and lifelong learning, WE can learn more together.

WE IMPACT Volunteer Events

Let's focus our efforts on specific tasks that can make our city better — and have fun doing it with others who share our goals. From neighborhood clean up events and urban gardening projects, to specific initiatives that help vulnerable populations in our city, the spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in San Francisco.

Civic Engagement

Let's show the forces that maintain the status quo that time time is now for civic action and social change in San Francisco. We bring together city change-makers, activists, leaders, and residents to focus our efforts and shine a spotlight on those issues where we can make the biggest difference.

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