Welcome to the 
WE movement


a group of people who share the same goal and work together to achieve it
We’re a community-led movement to solve San Francisco’s most challenging problems with collective will and coordinated action.
Our mission.

We’re reversing the city’s downward trend on public safety, civic disorder, and government accountability.

If you want change NOW and feel that city leadership isn’t moving nearly fast enough, come mobilize with us.

What We Believe

Stop crime.

Clean streets.

Action now.


We're stronger together. And it's more fun. Learn how to amplify your voice with other like-minded San Franciscans.

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Are you going to the WE meetup tomorrow? 🏫
Yeah! A bunch of us are going door to door in the Richmond and then a big Happy Hour. 😉
Oh really?  Got room for one more? 💁
Of course.  Wear your WE t-shirt.  See you soon! 👍🏼
Our action plan.

What can WE accomplish together?

WE the Census

We’re assembling an army of volunteers to gather insights from tens of thousands of San Francisco residents in all 11 of the city’s voting districts.

Coming soon

WE the Program

Let’s redeploy and redouble public works in San Francisco to create a rapid incident response program that actually works.

Coming soon

WE the Budget

Let’s release a completely reimagined city budget that removes waste and bureaucracy and earmarks dollars for critical priorities.

Coming soon

WE the Plan

Let’s create a 360-degree, fully integrated public safety plan — and get 2024 election candidates to sign on to its key outcomes.

Coming soon


Let's bring San Francisco together with events that are fun and bring about civic action and engagement.
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What to do.

How can you get started with WE?

Listen to podcast

Our WE ARE SAN FRANCISCO podcast will get you the latest ideas on how to fix San Francisco in an engaging way.

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Signup online

Sign up for the WE movement in 60 seconds or less. It's free and open to anyone without exception. Make your voice heard.

Invite a friend

We're growing incredibly fast and we've done it from the beginning with friends inviting friends.  There's strength in numbers and we can do more together.

Get the Gear

Let’s show up in a visible way throughout the city.  Get the gear and show you demand a better future for San Francisco.

Launches 10/1
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