What we believe

7 pillars of the WE movement


WE believe that San Francisco is special — but problems are mounting and progress is blocked.

San Francisco is the world’s greatest city — and we’re proud to call it home.
But poor decisions by the city’s leadership have caused us to lose our way.

Let's bring fresh leadership to City Hall.


WE believe that the current level of public safety is completely unacceptable.

Open-air drug dealing, violent attacks and robbery, and Anti-Asian hate won’t be solved by piecemeal policy proposals or minor variations of the same failed approaches.

Let's develop an integrated public safety plan.


WE believe that civic disorder is intensifying and greatly affects our collective quality of life.

Homelessness, property crime, and unclean streets exemplify the city’s failures and lead to even greater problems when left unchecked.

Let's redeploy public works and rapid incident response.


WE believe that government accountability is a primary blocker of the city’s full recovery.

Inefficient spending, bloated bureaucracy, and brazen corruption have taken their toll. No city vendor should have a blank check for cost overruns and slow execution.

Let's reset and streamline the city's annual budget.


WE believe that the innovative and open-minded people of San Francisco are its greatest asset.

Great ideas can come from anywhere, including from those outside of politics.
The best ideas often come from the grassroots up, rather than the top down.

Let's gather insights from city residents in every district.


WE believe that those with differing opinions on specific issues can unite for the greater good.

Individuals and groups from across the political spectrum can work together effectively
if we agree on the same overarching mission and align our collective will.

Let's find common ground and win together.


WE believe that if we seize this moment together San Francisco's best days are yet to come.

This is a unique moment of opportunity for reform and change.  Our current problems are solvable and the foundation of San Francisco remains strong.

Let's speak with one voice and take action NOW.