Episode #12: Shaping Urban Policy with Todd David

Ben Kaplan
Ben Kaplan
min running time
February 23, 2024

In this episode of "We Are San Francisco," host Ben Kaplan dives into an interesting conversation with Todd David, a prominent figure in San Francisco's political landscape. Todd's journey from a concerned parent to a key player in local politics showcases the power of grassroots activism and the impact of community involvement. The episode delves into the complexities of San Francisco's political culture, addressing pressing issues like housing, transportation, public safety, and the intricacies of local elections. Engaging and thought-provoking, this episode sheds light on the potential for positive change in San Francisco and the role every citizen can play in shaping their city's future. Join us for a deep dive into the heart of urban politics and the stories of those driving change in one of America's most dynamic cities.

Episode Insights:

• Shaping San Francisco's future with Todd David.

• San Francisco school funding and political involvement.

• Local politics in San Francisco and the desire for change.

• Urban planning and activism in San Francisco.

• Collaboration and coordination in San Francisco politics.

• Political dynamics in San Francisco.

• Local politics and civic engagement in San Francisco.

• The role of money and shoe leather in San Francisco politics.

• Political persistence and collaboration in San Francisco.

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