Episode #15: Meet the Candidates: Catherine Stefani | We Are San Francisco

Ben Kaplan
Ben Kaplan
min running time
April 5, 2024

In this episode, Ben Kaplan sits down with Catherine Stefani, the District 2 Supervisor of San Francisco, for a candid discussion on her aspirations, her tenure, and the pressing issues facing the city. As Stefani shares her insights, we delve into the heart of San Francisco's political landscape, examining the roles of public safety, housing, and education in shaping the future. A staunch advocate for law enforcement and public service, she outlines her strategies for enhancing safety and fostering community trust. The conversation also explores Stefani's legislative efforts to combat corruption and improve city governance, highlighting her dedication to transparency and accountability.

From her personal journey to her vision for a thriving San Francisco, join us as we uncover the depth of commitment and passion Stefani brings to her role as a supervisor and a candidate for the California State Assembly.

Episode Insights:

• California State Assembly candidacy and local politics.

• San Francisco politics and new entrants in office.

• Politics, public service, and career advancement.

• Police staffing, set-asides, and budgeting in San Francisco.

• Police reform and funding in San Francisco.

• Sunsetting laws to address corruption and clutter in regulations.

• Nonprofit accountability and budget allocation.

• Nonprofit performance evaluations and accountability in San Francisco government.

• Streamlining processes for victims' rights and oversight in San Francisco government.

• City government, outsourcing, and service delivery.

• Corruption in San Francisco government and nonprofit sector.

• Politics, exercise, and family with San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani.

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