Episode #6: 'Staffing Police' with Matt Dorsey

Ben Kaplan
Ben Kaplan
min running time
December 12, 2023

In this episode of "We Are San Francisco," host Ben Kaplan interviews Supervisor Matt Dorsey about the city's police staffing crisis. Dorsey proposes the Police Full Staffing Act, a charter amendment aimed at establishing minimum staffing levels and creating a police recruiting fund. The discussion centers on the necessity of a fully staffed police department for law enforcement and community safety. Dorsey, who has a background in law and police communications, combines professional insight with personal experiences, including his battles with substance abuse and being HIV-positive, to emphasize the importance of addressing San Francisco's public safety issues. The episode highlights the challenges in police recruitment, the need for department reform, and Dorsey's call for immediate action through voter engagement and legislative amendments. The conversation provides a nuanced perspective on the balance between policing and community needs in San Francisco.

Episode Insights:

• Police staffing crisis in San Francisco with Supervisor Matt Dorsey

• Police staffing crisis in San Francisco

• Government inefficiencies in San Francisco

• Police staffing levels in San Francisco

• Police reform in San Francisco

• San Francisco's reputation and economic impact of negative perception

• Police staffing levels and recruitment in San Francisco

• Police staffing and budget in San Francisco

• Police department staffing and efficiency in San Francisco

• Drug addiction and public safety in San Francisco

• Improving San Francisco's police force and public safety

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