Episode #9: 'Reversing City Dysfunction' with Myrna Melgar

Ben Kaplan
Ben Kaplan
min running time
January 5, 2024

Join host Ben Kaplan in a compelling episode of 'We Are San Francisco' featuring Myrna Melgar, a dedicated member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors representing District 7. This episode delves into the nuances of urban planning and governance in one of America's most dynamic cities. Myrna, with her hands-on experience in city policy, discusses the unique challenges and opportunities in District 7, from tackling the housing crisis to enhancing public infrastructure. Her insights offer a realistic look at the efforts and complexities involved in making San Francisco a more livable and equitable city for all.

Tune in to hear a candid conversation about the strides and struggles in urban development and community engagement in San Francisco.

Episode Insights:

• San Francisco's urban planning and housing policy

• Addressing immediate needs vs. long-term planning in San Francisco

• City government's handling of the pandemic and its impact on San Francisco

• City budget and efficiency

• Political culture and implementation in San Francisco

• Improving San Francisco government efficiency

• Improving San Francisco's city services through technology and streamlining departments

• Police reform and community engagement

• Improving San Francisco's governance and addressing issues

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